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My wish for this Website is not only to offer information about my services, but to help bring more understanding and awareness towards a holistic and integrated approach to healing. While I have been on an journey of intense study and reflection these past ten years, in truth, I feel like I have been preparing for this work my entire life. It is with great passion that I want to help dispel the myths of what many of us have been taught to believe about healing ourselves outside of traditional systems.  We are all on our own unique journey of triumphs and challenges and it was through my own set of personal circumstances that I was led down this path, of not only physical healing, but a shifting towards what I would call an expanded version of myself. In my wildest imagination, I could never have predicted the unfolding that would begin in allowing me to understand, not only my illness in a different light, but ultimately my whole existence.



What is wellness?  Wellness is wholeness. And wholeness is looking at ALL aspects of self.  Not only understanding the Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects of yourself, but also being able to gain a better sense of who you are in this life and why you are here.  These are questions of the Spiritual Self.  Spirituality is not about religion, but rather it's a deep inner relationship of understanding oneself within the context of their Life. A stripping down of the many layers that been built up over time. Getting to the core and getting honest with how we truly feel about ourselves. Reflections such as, "What is my purpose?" "Why was I born?" "Why am I here?" "What is this life all about?" These questions are more in line with the Spiritual side of ourselves.


The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". If you are searching for balance, for the release of pain in your life, in whatever way that has manifested, I encourage you to open your mind and your heart and begin the journey back home to your truest self - one step at a time. 


The topic of Mind Body Spirit Healing has often been dismissed as "New Age stuff", however, I am happy to say that attitudes are quickly changing within the mindset of many.  Actually, this New Age descriptive is quite misleading because it is used to broadly describe many of the Ancient wisdom teachings.  These guiding principles focus on living a more balanced, healthy and connected life.  Living in harmony with all that is, both within us and outside of us.  If you can begin to see your life as a mirror, a reflection cast outward, of what truly lies within, you will begin to embrace a more connected view of yourself in the world.    


Our bodies and our feelings are built in navigation tools that are here to help guide us and work with us - use them, trust them, they are here to help you.  They are an integral part and expression of your very Being. As you apply this "mirror approach", rather than seeing your life, or your body, working against you; ask yourself, "what is it within me that is working against myself?" Symptoms, illness, and 'dis-ease' are the body's way of speaking to you. 


We have been taught from our history books that the Ancient Worlds were very unaware and uncivilized about such matters as the healing arts, science, technology, astronomy,  and such....but this is not so...In fact, we are beginning to discover that this could not be any further from the truth!   

You are at the helm of this vessel called your Life. At any given moment you can change course. The current is the


flow of your life.  Your Intuition, your feelings are your inner compass.  Open your Heart. Open your Mind. Open your 





Mind Body Spirit

Every illness is a catalyst for your evolution, honor it.






Kenneth L. Pierce

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