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Ascension Counsellor

 As a Holistic Practitioner throughout these past ten years,  I have witnessed and embraced the evolution of my life and my work.  

Hammock Relaxing

Within this context, I have come to deeply honor the importance of  time spent in conversation and personal exchange with my clients. A level of trust and comfort is of utmost importance when opening up to matters of the heart.  As a result, I felt intuitively guided to offer this service as a "stand alone".  

We are living at a time of monumental change, both personally and collectively. We are rising into a whole new level of awareness and consciousness of what it means to be a multi-dimensional Human.  It is time to heal and reconcile that which has been our past and step into a beautiful and powerful and sovereign way of BEing in this world.    As we reach deeply within to heal past trauma, pain, anger, resentment we begin the powerful process of intention.  Intention to actively choose to fill ourselves with the higher healing vibrations of Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Release. This is not New Age vernacular, this is the Truth of the power we possess to heal ourselves and ultimately heal our World. All is One.

An Ascension Counselling Session is as special and unique as the Soul that finds their way to such.  If you are looking for guidance and understanding about anything in your life, a readiness to let go of things that are no longer serving you, or just a deeper understanding of your journey, book an appointment and let the magic unfold as I like to say.

2 Hour Session - $144 Cdn

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